Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tom Brown biography

Those interested in the works of Thomas Townsend Brown often complain about a lack of information.

This link is an enjoyable read.

Also, Paul Shatzkin is an author who has been writing about the life of TT Brown for amost five years now and you can check out the first 42 chapters here.

This Tom Brown guy is a fascinating read from wherever you pick up the information. He wanted to fly in one of his own craft. And for that reason he also came up with gravity communication, necessary because electromagnetic communication was impossible. Electrogravitic communication is imperative and immediate. Not like that old electromagnetic system with the big lag where network news in the field nods and nods and waits for the question you've already heard.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

who killed the Canadian Arrow

As I eagerly await my copy of Who Killed the Electric Car, through a tip from David on one of his forum comments I found this

And when you trace it back to who might have given the order to cut up the plane and shred the blueprints all you can find is one guy who received an anonymous call from a voice recognized who was given the command by further anonymous but credible higher command. This guy who appears way down the totem pool was quoted as saying, it was the worst decision of my life.

So, when my copy all about the GM EV1 arrives I'll be looking to see who gave the order for that blunder. Doubtful that these two incidents might expose the same guy but interesting to note with hindsight 2020 that they were both decisions to impede human progress on a very large scale, at least with the EV1. The Canadian Arrow was a plane that superseded anything in its class and time. Why was it shredded?

The car was a family boon and loved by its owners and perhaps a long time coming from the gas scare of the seventies, opec et al.

You could argue that the destruction of the Canadian Arrow was a humanitarian act and pro peace but the shredding of the EV1? What's that all about?

GM now has a new electric car that can travel 40 miles on a charge and as a hybrid gas-electric it delivers over 600 miles to the combination battery array and a tankful of gas. Not bad. But whatever was going on with the EV1 was better. Now that I've finally seen Who Killed the Electric Car I see that it's guilty all around for its destruction. The world embraced the idea but governments decided that big businees was stepping too far ahead and got them to shred it. Unbelievable, that business has such clout to actually regress the technology of the human species, spurred on by government deep into what makes the world run now and just not willing to let go.

Hasn't every new technology met this kind of opposition since before the world was flat?

Monday, November 20, 2006

companion to 'a machine to die for'

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a machine to die for

I truly hate to follow the conspiracy trail but if you grab this you'll see how easy it is to get caught up

The above, among other things, chronicles a long string of murders and strange occurrences of death by natural causes and 'accidents'. Every victim was coincidentally involved with alternatives to straight gasoline.

It strikes me we are regressing as a species. But perhaps this is simply the way things are. Think of something that might better mankind and the status quo sends you a bribe and then a warning. A calling card that first bribes then threatens, And then they kill you?

Geez, that's not fair.

The above link is long because it needs to be long.

Please take the time to read it and pass your comments along.
Also to our forum.
You can bet your britches this is worse than aspartame but don't get me started on that.

It's a war out there and that seems to be all we know. If there can be a peaceful settlement we must assure the current companies of the safety of their infrastructure but of course, not of their profits. They are now like rich cigarette companies on the sidelines, well, not yet. But with all that money they can still do what they want, and can again become heroes to civilization. It's their choice.

Something they won't achieve under the condition that oil suppresses progress to the point of murder. People don't like that.

If the aggressors understood that to impede progress is to make things harder, on their families and the world because of its negative energy. I hate to say it but that hate is coming from those who desire a profit more than progress.

We need a small reversal of fortune where gravity control is seen as the next step.

If we could convince corporations to simply switch fuels, hey, free energy, dispensed by the same people who brought you wars and other sillies but instead of merely being on a global scale, we're talking macular where the universe is our oyster. Even if profit doesn't matter any more in the future....of Star Trek, that should be a reasonably compelling argument to just switch and leave the rest of the life's blood of this planet in the ground. Maybe we'll heal. And they'll still make a profit.

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