Monday, September 26, 2005

everything you know is wrong

I have an image which I must post later (found it) that describes my feelings after reading David Barclay's latest blog on the question of the speed of light. It is an image that can't be reproduced other than an art rendering much like the Escher creations where the centre of field keeps changing your perspective by shifting to another level.

David's blog on the speed of light is nothing short of heresy to the scientific community. I like that. But it's not without substance and form. David is carefully and systematically introducing a new school of thought. One which bucks current science but does so with logic and simplicity.

David attacks the aspect of Einstein's relativity that is based on a static universe. Today we know that our universe is a dynamic system, not static and some of the elements of relativity are obviously out of date. Such as the speed of light.

David Barclay eloquently shatters the myth about the speed of light.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

unique selling proposition

The Quest For Gravity Control is a USP

Monetarily, the future fuel-less society will be bigger than the oil business.

Fuel, no longer an issue with gravity control, gives way to transporting huge cargo which won’t be cheap, cost of cubic footage and distance will remain as factors against totally free energy. Economy seats will be cheaper thus more frequent flyers, happy airlines again like when fuel was cheap. And now free. Most wars will be over.

USP means ‘unique selling point’ and that is exactly what gravity control is.

Despite your resistance, you know that oil is running out.
And if you’re a good business man or corp you will be there to the end as the price is driven higher and higher.
This is the corporate and capitalistic thing to do, make money.
And not to invest in some crack project that will put the golden goose out of business. Like Tesla.

But hold on there, pardner, we already know the oil is running out. Don’t you think we should try to uplift our answers to cover more than just suggesting we dig for more oil in other places?

Some people since years before the oil industry actually, have been taking a look at an alternate source of power. Based on natural electricity. Like vhs and betamax, the oil industry won and shaped our lives for the next hundred or so years.

The difference between gravity control and betamax is not a true analogy because betamax, in losing to vhs, was a reverse of what should have happened, same with GC. Betamax was clearly the better picture. The system was lost to the marketing world which cornered all the movies. Thus, the miracle of recording video like film was lost to what you could see on film that was transfered to videotape (and now dvd). The difference? Betamax was a superior system that lost to a better marketing strategy and compared to betamax an eighty percent reduction of the retail price.

Gravity control also known as antigravity, is a system of propulsion that will change the world, for the better.

Now, as a business presentation, this is the part where you expect the numbers.
The world’s best thought out pro forma would have a problem. New Energy System =?$, a lot

When you switch from fossil fuels to gravity control, it’s a big deal.

And just how, as you the investor, can you participate?
By helping us overcome our growing pains, not only with money but expertise and consultancy in the handling of budgets and the research into suppliers and more importantly, the research into groups and individuals who we think are contributors to the quest.

The quest for gravity control is as viable as the quest for new oil, and moreso.
By an infinite margin. Which is hard to comprehend right now but it’s true.

Gravity control has had its successes in the past and it was the inferior system won the market, in the case of oil for a hundred years and counting. This is to say that the system of gravity control is set to rise again. And now that it’s out of the bag, I think the hybrid systems of hydrogen and electric are just that. Hyrbrid systems waiting for the overtaiking of the gravity control system.

It’s an interesting conundrum this oil to what? situation.

For those who might consider investing in what is thought to be a completely new and currently untried system of propulsion, congratulations.
You’ve just advanced from the mazola level which currently is trying to make another oil from feedback, part of the combustion mentality.

Consider this. A fuel-less society has wings beyond what we know now.
It is not impossible and has been done in our historical past, then got passed over for the vhs choice of the land. Unlike betamax, the better system passed over, gravity control is the ultimate system, one that saves the world from itself.

But again, how can the business executive say to his share holders, I’ve decided to invest in a new technology that you think is science fiction, trust me.
Ok, try this.
“I’ve decided to dig in Alaska. We know there’s oil there.”

If you or your company is looking to invest in the only alternative energy source available to our humankind aside from oil, please get in touch. And soon.

Think of it this way. Your decision to have your company invest in gravity control not only assures earnings but makes your company one of the courageous hero companies who took a chance on saving the world.

And of course made money.
Notice the past tense?

Please contact us for your participation in

Thank you for getting this far. Any questions gratefully received. Prompt answers.

what are you looking down here for you’re pissing on your shoe

...sorry, couldn’t help it, worse though
the exclusion of gravity control from governments indicates that maybe they have it

All the more reason for the private sector to give gravity control to the people.

All in all, I’d say there’s a few bucks in this. Just needs a few players to jumpstart the action.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

taking it all for granted

It’s amazing how we take everything that IS amazing for granted. For instance, electricity, to power our homes with light, heat, aircon, refrigeration, radio, tv, computers, email and the net. If we didn’t have electricity we wouldn’t have all the other stuff.

The first magic box was radio, then tv, and now, your thinnest flatpanel computer monitor perhaps with an ability for 3D so you can look deep into the picture, miles deeper than the thickness of the screen.

And mobile phones, even before they became your camera, your net connections, sms, and now video camera.
“hello Watson, I need you” said Alexander Graham Bell.
‘Two Libby tins on a string’ has come a long way.

Early flight. “They’ll never get it off the ground.” “If God meant man to fly he’d have given him wings.” And just how big is that A380?

Gravity control. Now, because of a tragic over-fishing of more than just fish on our planet comes gravity control. If you mention the word, antigravity, perhaps 95% of the world’s people would say, huh? Anti what? Aunty Gertrude. But antigravity? Impossible. These people should be the most amazed after they undergo a re-education process but I have serious doubts. Gravity control once implimented will simply become another amazing thing we take for granted. Yet, strangely, many of those same people believe in flying saucers.

The conspiracy theories say that even before Roswell there were negotiations with the aliens. And they also say the secret of gravity control has been badly kept for over fifty years. If any of this is true perhaps it’s because there is a bomb to beat all bombs involved in this. Wipe out a planet? Heck, with this stuff you could wipe out a galaxy. In our world of today you can imagine if leaders or black op people know this, they would defend the secret of gravity control with their lives as 9/11 flashed once more. Keep it a secret or someone will find out about the bomb, said the aliens. Oh, ok, said mankind’s reps. Mum’s the word.

We’ve reached this plateau of decision where something must replace oil, perhaps electric and hydrogen but everyone is waivering. Electric is an era gone byebye, beaten out of existence by oil in the Teens and Twenties of the past century; and hydrogen, although it solves the pollution problem by emitting a water exhaust, is hard to contain and can blow up. And the fuel cell takes a lot of energy and dollars to make and gives back a fraction of usable energy for a big bucks purchase price.

The leap to gravity control would end most wars in the world and usher in a new era of equalization. But we are faced with those in control who turn a deaf ear to the ultimate solution to pollution because they are the polluters.

These guys are out. They just don’t know it yet. The good ones with their vast wisdom of being in control of the world’s transportation systems will assume a consultancy role and graciously lay down their oil can but keep it handy to grease the wheels of progress . Which, strangely, won’t involve wheels anymore. And it won’t involve fuel.

We are on the cusp of getting antigravity together even without governments who may already know. And if private enterprise outshines government in their forward thinking, well, duh.
Makes you ask, who is more honorable, big business or government? I would say governments can be enclined to try to do the right thing more than business because the private sector has government to deal with and does their best to get around it. But it’s an unfair question and one that is cyclical where government and business have traded places as to who has been more honorable.

If governments have been keeping gravity control a secret for more than fifty years, they have a new problem. The private sector. Big business of a scientific bent has been half-heartedly dabbling in the subject of gravity control for years. Government and oil have been in bed with each other since the beginning of the petrol age. Both government and the private sector have a long-running success record to protect but a growing segment of
the private sector is going to pursue gravity control and make it happen. Everybody knows that oil is running out and their only solution is to search for more. The ridiculing of the fringe science of fuel-less propulsion is beginning to wane.

Truly amazing. Don’t you think?
It’s inevitable.

If the governments of the world know and won’t fess up because of the big bomb secret which isn’t that big a secret if I know, then private industry, much more ambitious than governments, will lead the way. And what of the big bomb?
Maybe they should check the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, for clues.

Antigravity as a fuel-less propulsion system is truly amazing. But people don’t seem to notice this amazing time in which we live. We are so taken by death and destruction. Disaster movies are our culture. You can see a war on tv everynight.

If Nikola Tesla, the man who gave the world electricity, was correct, all we have to do is ring the earth with a wire and we can steer the planet out of the way of any further deep impacts.
Spaceship Earth. That was Bucky Fuller’s idea too.

Worldwide, we are a small crew with the compulsion to forage for the solution of the gravitic drive system but things are picking up. The number of scientists working on gravity control today is becoming quite respectable. Big business is beginning to look our way.

To save the earth we must cooperate instead of compete. Science today is government controlled. Paid scientists who have a life and a style of living not wanted broken.

The Quest For Gravity Control seeks not the above but the dedicated private citizen of the world or group who can prove the existence of antigravity and can make it work.

If world governments are fifty years ahead of private business on the subject, they have a lead that should have served them better. Maybe the thought that government conceals knowledge that will make the world pure again is a challenge to private industry to take notice.

I’d be amazed if I could take that for granted.

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