Sunday, June 26, 2005

getting side-tracked

It's been many years since I got passed the side-issues of the quest for gravity control, such as strange lights, landings, takeoffs and those claiming contact. No doubt several lifetimes have been spent unearthing those topics.

One such side-issue is the Lockheed X22a. Many websites conjecture that it is a black project and is a two man discoid fighter that employs gravity control. None of the websites have photos although some show artists' concepts of what it might look like.

However, if you go to
you will see a photo of the actual X22a in flight. It is not disc shaped and it is not powered by gravity control.
It has four props and is able to land and take off vertically. Since 1968.

Unless there is another X22a somewhere out there, I think this side-issue can be considered closed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the work

I looked at the date of the promise and realised we are now doing the work.

It's not supposed to take a long time when you're right but even though we believe we're right, it's taking longer than we thought. Big surprise.

The good news is we are uplifted in that Alexander V. Frolov, a renowned Russian scientist, has offered to help POP the theory and has expressed positive comment that it fits with some of his and his colleagues' theories and POP demonstrations.

What is surprising regards Frolov is that with tabletop models ready to be scaled up, why are they not flocking to his door? Perhaps for the same reason they turned down Tesla after he gave them the electric grid, when he proposed he could produce free energy for all. Edison, Westinghouse and JP Morgan were probably mortified by the proposal. Free energy? So much for Tesla's grid which they could charge for.

And perhaps the cycle comes round again.

This time, somebody, please, catch the brass ring and let's get it started.

At this stage the promise is open-ended. But work is progressing.

I wish I could give you times and dates.

All I can say is it's underway and should happen sooner than you think.

Gravity control is a matter of time.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Brookings Institue suggests

In 1960, NASA commissioned the Brookings Institute to do a study that concluded what if, we found space artifacts during our space journeys, perhaps like the face of Mars.

The institute concluded that it would be wise to try to keep that kind of information under wraps.

And perhaps they did. Try.

Friday, June 17, 2005

lights in the sky, abductees, contactees and other nuts

Having never actually read any of George Adamski's books I found it interesting to scan through an article that dealt with his history as well as his fame.

After Kenneth Arnold came George Adamski.

Prophet or fraud.

In retrospect after over fifty years, it still could go either way. No doubt he was carney as in PT Barnum.
His vision of visitors only extended to neighbouring Venus and Mars. And in his declining years even his faithful were losing faith and, his ufo photo was described as an inverted chicken brooder.
But after all that the guy had vision.
And at the end of the article I discovered that the author was in fact a closet believer, offering the speculation that Adamski might have been sworn to secrecy regarding where the aliens really came from.

Entertaining? Yes. True? Well....

But the guy had vision!

He spawned a whole holy cow generation that said, we are not alone.

Adamski was a promoter like Edison. The difference is, Edison had Tesla perform the hard work that ended in the success of the grid.

Adamski, despite the number of people he had for verification of his activities, was a weaver of believers.
He had a gift of the gab and could charm the....and yet.

George Adamski was pivotal in helping to create the thought of gravity control.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

levitation without control

What do John Hutchison, the late Thomas Townsend Brown, David Hamel, Evgeny Podkletov, John Searl and no doubt others have in common? They all claim levitation by spinning and/or zapping an object with electricity. As in the lifter tests at American Antigravity, these charged objects fly around the lab or shoot straight up into the sky. There is lift. There is thrust. But there is no control. In the past, Tesla and Keely claimed a craft that levitated under their control. And Viktor Schauberger who's research was seized and classified at the end of WWII.

With rockets, Man landed on the moon in '69. More than 35 years later, although much research on gravity control appears to be taking place today, where is the hard evidence, the fruits of all this labor? Of course, the rocket scientists are not going to give up their jobs without a fight and right now their best defense is to continue to dash against the rocks anyone's attempt to suspend our disbelief.

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