Monday, May 22, 2006

so where is gravity control

Where is gravity control? A good question.
I watched a Larry King Live show where the topic was, is America addicted to oil?........
...and not once, did the subject of the control of gravity come up.
Esanol, beansonol, others. But it was all the combustion engine.
Windpower, solar power, wave power. Everything you need to carry on with your dying technology.
An interesting program featuring the head of Chevron and combatants but none of them raised the alternate fuel of gravity control.
Which points out one thing if not another.
First, we must be doing a bad pr job for gc because it wasn't even mentioned on the show about alternates. Granted, it was only about the combusion mentality yet you might think....although among the panel there really wasn't one of them prepared to step out.

And another, of all we know of the living for gravity control, who might we elect as a spokesperson.?

Where is gravity control?

Right here.

And a lot of other places too like Frolov in Russia, Puthoff in America, Wallace and Aspden. In the past of course there was Smith, Kozyrev, Tesla, Keely, and who knows before him. Tibetan Monks. Others. Maybe Grebennikov, maybe Coral Castle. Maybe David Barclay. It's not like nobody's trying but I have a bias and we all hope we're right including David.

So where is gravity control? It might be with governments holding back to the last drop. But it is certainly not so fringy anymore with straight science. GC is all around us, like radio waves. We just don't know it yet.

Please check out Project Unity and if you're a Unity student, read the first chapter on the forthcoming book,
Project Unity by W. David Barclay.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

conversation from the aether II

J: We are at a point of contention where Dr Hal says to perform polarization of the vacuum in the lab requires a
generation of energy not possible with today's technology.
David says you don't need the power in the lab. It's already there and merely requires focus. Neato! Stay tuned. That actually looks interesting and maybe not that big a leap to make it happen.

Another J: David is right...scientists always get off on this super high power requirement...the high power is EXTANT and we just need to create the hole, then tickle it to allow the flow...size of the hole determines the 'pressure'/potential you can allow through to run devices...and its self sealing so no risk of a blowup.

J: I was looking for info on the Schwassman Wachman comet dropping around nearby on the 16th and the truck sized chunk predicted to be trailing it, etc, and, maybe I was looking in the wrong place but there appeared to be not much priority on the guy's story maybe because he said the space people told him. Guess we'll know in a couple weeks and a day.

Another J: Yep. Odd with the, at least, two big chunks of ice falling that no one can account for...

J: Do you have any info on electrogravitic communication? We had a TT Brown link and recently I clicked on it to find that it was now a website called, the info was still there but you had to click around. I contacted Andy Bolland of soteria asking if he knew of any research going on with egc and he was vague and said he 'didn't want to spoil the book'.

Without an electrogravitational communication system, the guy on the inside field can't talk to the
guy on the outside field and vice versa. Radio and electromagnetic waves don't penetrate between fields. Electrogravitics does the job.

Seti knows about this but I guess they just don't think it exists or something.

This is something as important as gravity control because without it it's just....hello?

Another J: TT Brown said lead oxide was the most sensitive receiver as did Chandra Bose way back around 1895. There are several schemes for gravity wave communication devices...Hodowanek (uses an on the edge wonky capacitor) and the Parr device that uses the pyramid bubble.



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