Wednesday, February 28, 2007

zapping ourselves

"We surround the planet with a web of low frequency microwave transmissions and don't even consider the consequences."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

sunspots and the Middle East

Whatever has happened to America since 9/11 has created an incredible sleeping giant which doesn't really know what to react to.

The history of Saddam Hussein ending with his demise has done the opposite to putting to bed the Iraqi crisis.

America, a country famous for never attacking another country, has been faced with who to attack.

The quest for gravity control is now sublimated by these current oil wars.

The outcome of this fiasco takes the shine off the next step in our human evolution.

Simply be aware that the current detail helps to put gravity control in the background.

Not only must we surpass the disinformed public, we are also required to come up with the something that will save our world.

These thoughts are considered heretic because the forces in place run the whole world. And if left unchecked will surely run us right into the ground.

We may be a small group but our bent is one to seek the beyond.

No matter what we're faced with, the idea of gravity control is a living entity that will hopefully lead us out of this mess.

Let us keep going forward. We have no choice.

Our chances of creating love not hate continue.

And gravity control still seems the way to quieten the world family scwabbles.

I like the idea of buying a vehicle where you just pay for the vehicle and the idea of fuel is a thing of the past.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

letter to Graeme et All

Hi Graeme,

(the first part began to remind me of a movie that starts out with no reason why you might choose to see it, so, snip!)....

And, especially the contradiction pointed out in Einstein's general theory where he speaks of 'spooky action at a distance' that happens instantaneously while linear folk plod along at the 'speed' of light. Ever consider that light might have no speed? It's either on or off. Science loves measuring things and builds great gizmos to make it accurate. But if light has no speed and is simply a carrier, on or off, then the gadget to measure speed is not the right design for the task at hand.

Also, have you ever considered electrogravitic communications. It opens a big can of wormholes. I know you don't have time for this but take a moment and check out Unity.

Can you see it? It is a fuel-less energy that it taps into that is the underlying field and frees the planet from burning itself up. If you like this, any help you can give, Graeme. I'm not a caticlysmist nor a conspiracy wannabe but shit man it's happening all around us. "I'm melting", said the bad witch from the wizard of oz. Well, it looks like we have door number two, the bad alternate time line to the good one made by choices long ago. Too bad we can't go back and change them. Well, maybe we can. There are signposts up ahead that might offer a way out. Otherwise, we're toast. And even if the earth shifts its orbit which it did already (?Velikovsky)) it'll be like the end of the Maya calendar with foldout, hopefully. The end of a cycle of precession of the equinoxes where we get rattled so hard we're blasted back to the stone age. It's a 25 thousand year cycle that would appear not to have been defeated.

This time, we might be close enough to beat the cycle. Nullify it and maybe carry on for another 25000 years.

All we need to do is turn our planet into controllable spaceship earth (Bucky Fuller). Looks like we have five years if December 23. 2012 actually means something.

Please think about it, Graeme. Get on our case and bring your friends. We are desperate and disparate, Obi Wan.

I get fatigued from talking about this and go through cycles too but I'm thinking, given the evidence, if we have five years to either convince the Majestic 12 or whover to release the technology or create a private industry version, I say we go private.
Somebody paint that web rocket guy a nice picture on antigravity instead of rockets. He's got a billion.

The part that I don't get is why we can't just.....get along.*Jack Nicholson as US President in Mars Attacks. We come in peace. Boom your dead.

It looks like the only way we can unite the planet is to give the impression of a protracted war with aliens. Even if it's only made up to wait for certain mere mortals to catch up to we of the universe, well, not exactly me. I'm agnostic. Still, I'm taking a lot of this on faith because to think otherwise is the end. Do you realize that over 99% of the humans on this planet have absolutely no idea of this?

I wish for a shortcut. Something higher than the petty boom boom between families and tribes.

So, not bad. And you?


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