Monday, July 31, 2006

lifters and floating rings

They both work by the same principle. Zap em with heavy voltage and they levitate. But is it antigravity?

Here is an article of interest that covers the history of lifters till now.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

perturbing the aether

The US Patent Office will not accept any patent that claims overunity,
that is, anything that claims the unit will put out more power than is put in, ie, battery, gasoline.
Perhaps many patents have been denied.
Without a long dissertation on why, here is, an anonymous and unpatentable in the US, idea.
Because it was not patentable according to US patent rules it appears for free on the internet.

Anyone can try the experiment.
And if successful it proves the existence of the aether as a power source.

It proves Unity and we can just get on with it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

soil from the moon

David Barclay is currently researching what happened to the files that showed plants grown in lunar soil exhibiting anomalies and cancerous nodes. These files are not to be found. There were also pamphlets.

In the early 70's PBS aired a program on the subject. We are in contact with PBS. (PBS replied but could not locate a program on the subject and based on the rather scant description we provided it's a wonder they replied. Thank you PBS. It was aired in 1970 on CBC tv in Canada and seen by W. David Barclay in the West Coast region so it is likely a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production.)

Anyone who might know of these experiments please come forth.

They are further proof of Unity.

The spacemen in their rockets travel to the moon with their field of reference, the earth. They arrive to the field of the moon, take some samples and return to Earth, their field of reference for the whole trip. They grow plants in the moon soil taken from the field of the moon and the plants show anomalies and cancerous nodes. They print up brochures and pamphlets and a tv show on PBS (CBC?, checking), yet today, nothing exists of these particular lunar soil plant experiments.

Because it was beyond then current understanding they classified it, I guess.

It happened. There's no record.

Why? The idea of traveling in a field separate from the normal field of the universe is a tad difficult to grasp. Because it's not all explosions, rockets and combustion out the back end to make it go forward. Linear travel. And the thinking that you can apply to a 500 mile trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul (the twin cities), calculate that if you can average 50mph you'll arive in ten hours. It just doesn't work that way in crossing the universe. It's not a straight line. It's something else and if you truly want to understand, re-read Einstein and discover where he recanted his belief that the aether (quantum field) didn't exist. He said, it has to exist.

These lunar soil (regolith) experiments are supportive to a field within a field theory (Unity).

At this writing we have an offer on eBay for one of the published pamphlets.

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