Wednesday, October 26, 2005

more productivity with less power

It seems to date back to the transistor that replaced the vacuum tube. Have you noticed how since the introduction of the transistor portable radio in the late fifties most everything these days requires less power to operate? Not electric kettles or ovens but microwave ovens, computers, synthesizers, even the new light bulbs that give 75 watts of illumination but only consume 14 watts of power. My little lamp that allows me to see here in my lonely office was a 60 watt bulb. When it burned out I replaced it with a new energy saver bulb that consumes only five watts but puts out 60 watts of light. There alone, I've saved 55 watts of heat but still see stuff on my desk as if it were a 60 watt bulb. These days, all the low power devices come with a step down voltage converter so that when you turn these things on they operate by stepping down the 120 or 220-240 volts without frying the thing being powered. Soon, all these things requiring lower power will have a built in converter and we'll be able to throw away all our 4.5, 6, 7 and nine volt converters. We are paving the way to saving electricity but there's a problem. Everything is based on fossil fuels to generate electricity and the step down factor won't wash in the face of the diminishing supply of oil. It's E for effort on the power down factor where many devices now operate on a fraction of the power it used to take. But it's not enough. When we speak of gravity control we are talking about a system that will abandon fossil fuels as its energy source. It is the great equalizer that speaks of making our planet a nice place to live instead of the current chaos.

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