Monday, January 30, 2006

personal email to W. David Barclay

Hi David,

I was checking into the Vril and the Thule, German groups who had saucer craft since the thirties and came across this

It's all based upon one of, if not, thee first science fiction book, The Power of the Coming Race published in 1870. But apparently the saucers flew based on spin and mercury. Thinking of the Clem motor, mercury would make a most massive vortex. Certainly heavier than crisco.

I think the oil companies have had huge success in the suppression of alternate ideas to combustion. Now, the thinking oil companies should be pondering jumping ship or at least creating a gravity control division while it's early days. Similarly, car companies, like Honda which has a hydrogen electric car now on the market. I'll leave Honda a message that we're the next stage.

Anyway, it looks like many nations are in cahoots on gravity control and are treating oil like the commodity it is, and since there's still a fair amount of warehouse oil stock they'll only introduce gc when oil and its demand has placed the world in turmoil. It looks like when the world has beat itself up sufficiently and most of the oil stock is gone, they'll jump in and save what's left of the world with gc. The shitty aspect is that you and me are considered collateral damage along with most of the non producers of this world. In this scenario the meek do not inherit the earth. It's more like the slaughtering of the lambs.

The mechanisms and machinations of governments seem to be operating like communism where we are all proclaimed to be equal except of course some are more equal than others. I feel that if what I'm saying is anywhere near the truth of the situation we citizens for a better world should practice being pissed off and demand more from our governments. And the way to get it is through the private sector which is fighting its own wars. We in the private sector are not happy with the lack of haste and should continue to pursue doing it ourselves. It feels like governments will never get around to it until they're pushed.

I'm talking about gravity control.

Now, I think I'll wander over to Honda with a congratulatory message and offer Unity as the next phase.

All the best,

Friday, January 27, 2006

tax dollars toward gravity control

This is so huge and copyright.

But you can look for yourself.

Please let us know if you see any slice of the pie for gravity control.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

it's not so hard

Is our stuff so hard to understand? Gravity control, alien technology, is this stuff so hard and so foreign that, not only thinking people don't think about this but people who believe in ufo's don't think about how they work.

Nice, if ufo people might ask how. Why?

Aaargh, say I. But, we are so small. Aside from you and me, there is no thought about gravity control. The world is a combustion engine thinking machine. We are left with gravity control. Gee thanks. But....thanks. We who read this small note with interest are part of the quest for gravity control.

Gravity control is basically the next step. And, as more people understand, we can say goodbye to rockets. Except for NASA that will be great. But we honor nasa for getting us into space and off this planet. Yay NASA.

Now that gravity control is ready for placement, there are a whole lot of rocket people about to be put out of a job. That's not right. Those wonderful and dedicated people will embrace gravity control and will be just as dedicated, though perhaps amazed. I know I am.

James B. Nicholson

Koh Samui

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

we don't do ufo's

If a guy came down on my lawn in a flying saucer, stepped out and said, hey dude, wanna take this baby for a spin?, I’d say, well, yeah, if it’ll get your machine off my zuchinni patch. Who wouldn’t want to ride in a ufo. Well, my wife for one but she’s already from another planet.

We don’t do ufo’s, meaning, we don’t report on encounters of any kind.

I suppose I would be compelled to speak of my own encounter if someone handed me the keys and said, here, take it for the weekend or whenever. But this hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile gravity control, the idea, is just sitting there.
So while we wait for the big encounter, let’s tinker and DO our own ufo.

Ufo’s gave us the idea for gravity control. We must take this idea, build our own and go visit some new folk. They’ll be pleased it’s not rocket science and maybe welcome us into their club.

It’s not cheap but the plans are free.

Friday, January 13, 2006

beat the reaper with gravity control

Beat the reaper with gravity control

As oil runs out the best minds of the world are brought together to help think our way out of this. If oil runs out, this civilization stops. So the world’s greatest scientists put their heads together and come up with, drill for more oil. How about Alaska? The president ponders their collective opinion for a moment then says, fine, does anyone have any other ideas? A voice in the back says, well, how about gravity control. No no, say the oil barons, that’ll never work. It’s impossible and no doubt too expensive. But wait, says the gravity control man, it’s the only thing that WILL work. His voice falls upon an empty room. They had all left in their limousines.
Ahem, says a voice on the other side. Are you looking for someone with unlimited funds? Why yes, I am, enthuses gravity control. Well, says the voice from the other side, good luck.

Will the guy from gravity control get his funding, save the world and beat the reaper? Wait a sec, I’ll have a look. Nope, not yet.

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