Monday, January 30, 2006

personal email to W. David Barclay

Hi David,

I was checking into the Vril and the Thule, German groups who had saucer craft since the thirties and came across this

It's all based upon one of, if not, thee first science fiction book, The Power of the Coming Race published in 1870. But apparently the saucers flew based on spin and mercury. Thinking of the Clem motor, mercury would make a most massive vortex. Certainly heavier than crisco.

I think the oil companies have had huge success in the suppression of alternate ideas to combustion. Now, the thinking oil companies should be pondering jumping ship or at least creating a gravity control division while it's early days. Similarly, car companies, like Honda which has a hydrogen electric car now on the market. I'll leave Honda a message that we're the next stage.

Anyway, it looks like many nations are in cahoots on gravity control and are treating oil like the commodity it is, and since there's still a fair amount of warehouse oil stock they'll only introduce gc when oil and its demand has placed the world in turmoil. It looks like when the world has beat itself up sufficiently and most of the oil stock is gone, they'll jump in and save what's left of the world with gc. The shitty aspect is that you and me are considered collateral damage along with most of the non producers of this world. In this scenario the meek do not inherit the earth. It's more like the slaughtering of the lambs.

The mechanisms and machinations of governments seem to be operating like communism where we are all proclaimed to be equal except of course some are more equal than others. I feel that if what I'm saying is anywhere near the truth of the situation we citizens for a better world should practice being pissed off and demand more from our governments. And the way to get it is through the private sector which is fighting its own wars. We in the private sector are not happy with the lack of haste and should continue to pursue doing it ourselves. It feels like governments will never get around to it until they're pushed.

I'm talking about gravity control.

Now, I think I'll wander over to Honda with a congratulatory message and offer Unity as the next phase.

All the best,


At 6:39 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
You mention spinning mercury and suggest it would be massive.
I have thought about spinning mercury rings instead of magnetic rings as in my suggestions in GC.
However I believe that mercury vapour,as in a circular flourescent tube,if the gas could be induced to flow at the required velocity,we could have in effect a solid state means to create the required field/s.With minimal mass.

At 8:51 p.m., Blogger gravity control said...

Thanks, Paul.

Sounds good. Know anyone on your front that would pursue it? And make it real.

I recall being five guys in Hong Kong with a great idea but no money. We thought the idea was so good we chipped in and formed a company called,
TunnelVision Inc.

We got audience with the Mass Transit Authority to go ahead and produce a prototype. It was a method of displaying advertising on the train tunnel walls. We found a guy who could make the prototype camera, a guy by the name of Frank Wolf who invented the dispoable camera and was a photographer for Life Magazine. But we were five guys with no dough and it came to nothing. The difference between success and failure came down to HK$300,000 to produce the prototype which we didn't have. The idea still hasn't been done so maybe it's still doable.

We've been pushing gravity control for a number of years now and it comes down to this. Either we find an angel or much force must be taken to identify funds to take things forward from here.

Gravity control is not a new ad medium. But to most it IS a new medium and one of much more importance.

TunnelVision was a failed new ad medium idea because of lack of funds. The idea is still out there. Go for it.

Gravity control is so important that we end up getting the impression, shh, don't talk about this. It's already in the works and will pop up at the right moment. Maybe, but thank the lord for people like you and others who KNOW that it will take the private sector, even if governments already have it.

At 5:40 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why go not go to Toyota instead?

They've made the biggest efforts compared to other automakers with their hybrid vehicles.


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