Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wil Smith Speaks

It was 1958 in Vancouver. Perhaps at the University of British Columbia, his alma mater. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith is considered Canada's Einstein on the one hand, and has been awarded posthumously. On the other hand, as head of Canada's Project Magnet, the only government sanctioned ufo enquiry, Smith was granted above top secret status and claims to have seen bodies, craft, and communicated greatly with ET's. His talk in Vancouver is peppered with the kind of language that subdued the Canadian quest, Project Magnet. By America? Shhh, it's now classified.

Wil Smith was different. He was enthused and willing to tell of his tales to anyone. We don't know exactly who the audience is for this talk but Smith speaks as if it's right for the world to know.



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