Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tom Brown biography

Those interested in the works of Thomas Townsend Brown often complain about a lack of information.

This link is an enjoyable read.

Also, Paul Shatzkin is an author who has been writing about the life of TT Brown for amost five years now and you can check out the first 42 chapters here.

This Tom Brown guy is a fascinating read from wherever you pick up the information. He wanted to fly in one of his own craft. And for that reason he also came up with gravity communication, necessary because electromagnetic communication was impossible. Electrogravitic communication is imperative and immediate. Not like that old electromagnetic system with the big lag where network news in the field nods and nods and waits for the question you've already heard.


At 5:43 p.m., Anonymous Lost Islander said...

Just a comment on the validity of some of this information. Gerry Vassilastos' version of the life of Townsend Brown is riddled with inaccuracies (what good biographer would state the wrong place of death? Or call a person by " Tom" when the man never answered to that?) Thats just for STARTS.

Paul Schatzkins information, on the other hand, is drawn from government records, diligent research and the full backing of the Brown family. Its a fasinating read and the most important thing is ..... its not fabrication.

At 7:10 p.m., Blogger gravity control said...

Paul has already called my attention to the fact that no one called him Tom. No disrespect intended, I used it simply because no one else has.
As far as I know. And as to Gerry Vassilastos, he's definitely not one of their favorite sons over at the TT Brown forum.


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