Thursday, September 07, 2006

not gravity control

President George W. Bush has not yet finished his speech and I am moved to comment.

Oil has the best chiefs executives and army but, to realize there's a new guy in town, meaning, the underlying force. The force that was proved to not exist by the 1889 Morley Michelson experiment - the aether just ain't there. Wrong!

What the hell do you gas providers think it might be that powers the universe. If you were smart you'd make the jump and somehow attach a charge to free energy before it's free. A horrible thought. Yet, what can we do to get the job done? We think it's universities with teachers and students interested in

If governments have it and are not forthcoming, it's up to us. We are free and enterprise.

If there really is an mib (altho based on a comic) and a whole lot of other secret folk supposedly keeping a lid on it and sworn to some weird secretive masonic oath, or whatever, it's up to us.

To the opposition if there is one, keeping the savior of the technological world a secret at this time of need might be considered a sin.

It looks like the part of the world which is against the exaltation of this work, if they have it, wants to make sure it's good to the last drop before introducing a new system.

And of course, maybe nobody has nothing (g) and we are in for a terrible and perilous decline with no hope save the quest for gravity control.

I can say this. Although Project Unity is difficult and strange to even scientists, I believe it works. It's like flubber, the new flight.

The four phase field modulator is ready to go. And boy do we need help to make it so.


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