Friday, August 11, 2006

perturbing the aether in a small way

Alexander V. Frolov claimed success in perturbing the aether and time but could not get a patent in Russia on the grounds they said were impossible. The year was 2003.

Meanwhile, we were in contact with Professor Hal E. Puthoff, Director of the Institute For Advanced Studies, Austin in Texas. We asked if we might include him as part of our living scientists into antigravity to which he said, ok, as now posted on

We thought, if we could put these guys together we might just get off the ground. Frolov could reprove his earlier experiment and Dr Hal could validate it.

Perhaps a little less than two months have past, the amount of time Alex Frolov estimated it would take to conduct the experiment. And if successful, again, his experiment would be a POP for Project Unity.
Antigravity research

Perturbing the aether and altering time sounds like a mean and clever chore. It will be a triumph for Alexander V. Frolov and a big boost for Unity.


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