Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the combustion problem

There was a time when oil bubbled up out of the ground and The Beverly Hillbillys were born. Cheap oil and cheap gas was available throughout the land. Wonderful beautiful cars and huge machines flourished. But that was then. Now, the rising fuel price everywhere is affecting transportation and the ability to afford it. The film, Syriana, was set in the near future but the future is now. We need a new idea. Actually, a couple of new ideas.

Gravity control from the 1800's to present day included Keely, Tesla, TT Brown, Kozyrev and currently Puthoff, Frolov and Barclay.

The most difficult aspect of the combustion problem is that people are not geared for change. No more oil? Fine, let us look for a new propulsion system. And the system of fuel-less propulsion stares us in the face yet it hasn't been thought of for about a hundred years. The aether, the field, the zpe, the underlying force, it's all the same. This limitless supply of energy will unleash the human race, the moment we figure it out.

The time is close and with each hybrid vehicle, the grip is lessened on the path to electric, hydrogen and finally electromagnetic gravitics.

It seems we who are so short of patience are destined to take a number and stand in line. But impatience can be a virtue when you analyze the next step for human survival.

There IS an alternative to the combustion problem. But people are concentrating on the continuance of the combustion engine, as if at any cost, and for some reason don't seem to have the time or capacity to think beyond it. If they did they would be imbued as they were in the sixties with space flight beyond our solar system. The only difference is that rockets would be passe and for those around the globe who have pursued gravity control, the realization will only spread when people in power feel confident that the avenue is worth pursuing.

If governments have been harboring the new system of propulsion etc since the fifties, isn't now a good time to unveil it to the world?

With oil barons as the boss of the americas and the only currency allowed to buy Saudi oil is currently US dollars, how soon will this shift in thinking be?

The truth is, we're on our way.


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