Saturday, March 18, 2006

understanding Unity

Project Unity requires lateral not linear thinking. Because it has nothing to do with combustion, it is lateral to anything combustible. This, in our explosive society, is hard to accept but if you are a reader who wants to understand the answer to the gravity control situation, you will no doubt be a better student than one who looks and being unable to comprehend, passes by.
You will discover aspects of Project Unity that might defy what you've come to believe. When this happens we ask you to remember that science is always, what you remember has been changed. The new thinking is like the technological jump from cassettes to cd's. With cassettes it was a linear process to fast forward to your favorite track. With cd's it's non linear to find your favorite track You don't have to go there by a straight line. You simply push a button and you arrive at your favorite track. In Project Unity, this would be like going from the earth to the moon or the earth to anywhere else. Project Unity is probably like nothing you've read before although everything is simple if you follow the dots. Current science is as vulnerable as any past science proved wrong in our history.
Project Unity is not out to prove much is wrong with science, just to introduce the field within a field concept, and, as you will discover, if you are within a field sealed from the earth's field, there is a whole new universe out there where you can play. Project Unity


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