Monday, March 27, 2006

electrogravitic communication

"Electrogravitic communication is the use of electrically generated gravitational waves as a communication medium rather than electrically generated magnetic waves (electromagnetism).

Electrogravitic Communication offers the possibility of instantaneous communication over unlimited distances. Additionally, modulated frequencies transmitted and received by electrogravitc communication devices designed and tested were not attenuated by electromagnetic shielding, and the upper range of frequencies could not be determined during testing.

Such a communication system, if refined, would be ideally suited for civilian (as well as military) applications - ultra-high, electrogravitic frequency transmission receivable over large distances and not susceptible to attenuation by ground mass or shielding.

The Townsend Brown Group is actively involved in the research and development of electrogravitic communication devices."

The above was formerly a direct link from but it has changed slightly no doubt due to certain re arrangements taking place at All the material formerly available is still there but you have to click around.

Electrogravitic communication is most important for without it Project Unity would have no communication due to the fact that radio waves cannot penetrate the inner field. Electrogravitic communication can. With the added bonus of instantaneous communication over great distances.



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