Friday, June 23, 2006

the compulsion effect

I am impatient. It's not a secret.
I like the getting there. Not so much the traveling.

In the more recent enquiries to it has become obvious that everyone interested in the subject of antigravity has a compulsion not shared by most regular folk who show no compulsion other than wanting to continue stable lives and living.

Compulsion played a big part in the movie, Close Encounters, for all the people who were imbued to try to get to that big rock....ah, Devil's Peak.

Compulsion is built into every thought of a great idea. You are compelled that if you have a good idea, say, gravity control, you are compelled to forward your inspiration to the best of your ability. To the conclusion of your quest.

People are compulsive for different reasons. Notoriety, money, fame, respect.

But the true compulsive is the person who doesn't care about money or politics and just wants his idea to be considered valid.

Ours is Project Unity.

Chapter two now online.

News item. Alexander V. Frolov, world scientist from Russia has expressed interest in performing an experiment that will be a POP* for gravity control and more.

Compulsion. Sounds like a title for a murder mystery. But flip the coin over and compulsion is what got us the electric light. One of the compulsions was Tesla telling Edison that DC electricity couldn't travel, AC electricity could. DC is more pure but AC travels and basically performs the same job.

We are made compulsive by having an idea that perhaps no one else has and that idea might benefit global proportions.

And sometimes in our compulsiveness we run out of gas. They just don't understand. What am I to do.

Compulsion wains. But if you are true to yourself the compulsion returns. And you carry on.

We are absolutely thrilled to be associated with Dr Hal Puthoff of The Institute For Advanced Studies
Alexander V. Frolov of Faraday Labs who are in the process of proving gravity control.

These people and many others are our allies in bringing gravity control to a recognizable model.

And to all of a compulsive spirit, good luck.

May your idea be worthy of your compulsion.


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