Tuesday, June 27, 2006

rocketeer scamarama

It began of course with ufo's. The first book I remember is some George Adamski book which I've never read because by time I got around to thinking of that memory of age three, Adamski was probably already ridiculed as a hoax artist. When I was a teenager I read everything I could get my hands on but it petered out around age eighteen. At 22 I was fascinated again by new people I knew who knew people who saw stuff up close. Again the interest faded and renewed, faded and renewed. In 1969 I felt sure that the secret of the saucers would be released because pollution was a word that was newly universal. Didn't happen. Faded interest. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I'm knowledgeable on the subject. The thousands of reports of lights in the sky, landings, abductions, taken for a ride and anal probes seems a lot of hooey, at least a lot of it. The game is ripe for those of good hoaxer ability, such as GCT, trolling for dollars and doing well. The story is the guy got a million bucks from someone and he made a better website. Anyone with a half a brain can see that he is not doing a good job of mixing fact with fiction, problem is, he's a good sales man. In the ten million dollar X prize he entered Gravity Control Technologies and was bounced out of the club cuz it was just for rocketeers. They needn't have worried and may as well have accepted his entry fee. Either way the guy made big headlines and as a front man to his investors it was easy I'm sure to have them believe that they were being suppressed. Great PR! But the real prize is the scam award for audaciousness. Not so prestigious. Yet, what a good ploy.
And the stupidity in a way of the X prize people to turn him down which is what he wanted. He knew one thing. The rocketeers and their cherished combustion system would not allow him to challenge them with the very thought of gravity control. Doesn't qualify cuz it's not a rocket. It's....something else.. And the Egyptians aren't telling, if there's anything else they know. Neither is gct but they seem to be following element 115? Last I heard they were also making gold powder but my dealings with them go back five years. I said, can you do a POP? The answer, not yet. No prototype? Nope. Later, through the brilliance of Viktor Roznyay, he received a grant and built a more beautiful website. But alas, poor VR, despite the fact that he is a brilliant pursuader, he has no real product.

Now, this may seem weird. But, a guy who can sell that well should be on our side. What can we offer?
The system he sells so well but doesn't have.

Please see chapters one and two, Project Unity.


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