Friday, September 01, 2006

before Roswell

Before the second world war there was Viktor Schauberger who apparently had flying discs in the 30's and/or 40's.

But before Roswell and Schauberger there were visual descriptions like this aboriginal rock painting that might be 40,000 years old.

Question. Since they have had Schauberger's technology since 1945, why are they spending all this money on rockets? And prey tell, why is the combustion engine still the main squeeze?

I used to believe that Schauberger's propulsion was not related to antigravity. But the part that apparently Schauberger didn't understand is that once his torsion field, an implosion effect, not explosion, got up to speed and began to run itself, where was the energy coming from that fed his tornado? Conjecture was, from another dimension. It sure ain't coming from here. Enter, the underlying force.


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