Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a machine to die for

I truly hate to follow the conspiracy trail but if you grab this you'll see how easy it is to get caught up

The above, among other things, chronicles a long string of murders and strange occurrences of death by natural causes and 'accidents'. Every victim was coincidentally involved with alternatives to straight gasoline.

It strikes me we are regressing as a species. But perhaps this is simply the way things are. Think of something that might better mankind and the status quo sends you a bribe and then a warning. A calling card that first bribes then threatens, And then they kill you?

Geez, that's not fair.

The above link is long because it needs to be long.

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You can bet your britches this is worse than aspartame but don't get me started on that.

It's a war out there and that seems to be all we know. If there can be a peaceful settlement we must assure the current companies of the safety of their infrastructure but of course, not of their profits. They are now like rich cigarette companies on the sidelines, well, not yet. But with all that money they can still do what they want, and can again become heroes to civilization. It's their choice.

Something they won't achieve under the condition that oil suppresses progress to the point of murder. People don't like that.

If the aggressors understood that to impede progress is to make things harder, on their families and the world because of its negative energy. I hate to say it but that hate is coming from those who desire a profit more than progress.

We need a small reversal of fortune where gravity control is seen as the next step.

If we could convince corporations to simply switch fuels, hey, free energy, dispensed by the same people who brought you wars and other sillies but instead of merely being on a global scale, we're talking macular where the universe is our oyster. Even if profit doesn't matter any more in the future....of Star Trek, that should be a reasonably compelling argument to just switch and leave the rest of the life's blood of this planet in the ground. Maybe we'll heal. And they'll still make a profit.


At 2:50 p.m., Blogger David Barclay said...

A must read for anyone interested in the future of new energy and or the future of our planet.

Check out http://www.rense.com/general72/oinvent.htm

Not only is the deck marked but the whole game is rigged.

Killing for profit is not my idea of free enterprise.

At 5:30 a.m., Anonymous FaceFacts said...

While the link appears to make a valid case it lacks certain credibility when closely examined, honestly the first tip off should have been the mention of an orgone accumulator. First off it tries to make a case with the number presented however it doesn't offer a lump sum of all energy inventors. I would be willing to bet that if you were to take all the inventors working on or with patents for energy devices you would find that those numbers are suspiciously in line with the mortality statistics of any given cross section of the population where the numerical value of the cross section is equal to the number of energy inventors. I also find it amusing that most of the new energy devices cited in the article have never been shown to work consistently if at all.

While I have no doubt that there is a certain amount of pressure from established energy companies to suppress these newer technologies, to say that murder and grievous injury of inventors is one of their tactics is ridiculously over simplifying the means that these mega corporations have at their disposal. Honestly you're talking about companies with a higher profit than the GNP of many countries. They can afford to flat out buy the technology from a garage inventor and , barring that, start a parallel project in the same technology and simply beat them to the patent office or tie them up in a legal battle that they have the resources to continue until the inventor simply runs out of money to fight.

If nothing else this article is irresponsible in that it seeks to provoke an irrational fear of the big bad corporate world in the minds of inventors who might otherwise provide valuable insight into our energy crisis. Another point though bears mentioning. If these brave pioneers are really just seeking to better mankind then why not assure that these brilliant designs are made public knowledge? With the advent of the internet, even if such corporate, and government, scare tactics were actually happening then the one sure way to stop them is to simply make the knowledge public domain. Put it on the web, use a sort of open source methodology. I can only think of two reasons why this hasn't been done on a large scale. One, greed, the same forces that apparently is the driving force behind this alleged conspiracy is keeping these "beneficial" pioneers of energy technology from making their work public domain. they want to cash in on the market despite their altruistic claims. The second reason is that a lot of these so called revolutionary technologies simply do not work, and rather than face facts and lose potential, dimwitted, investors it is easier to claim that they have to keep their work secret or that they are the victims of deliberate sabotage.

I find the entire article to be laughable at best and shameful at worst. I would admonish all serious energy inventors to remember that the X Files only exist on TV. There are no grand global conspiracies in the information age, they just can't exist. Continue with your good work and please do not let the rantings of the lunatic fringe and flimsy citations discourage you.


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