Sunday, September 24, 2006


Stuck in the mud? Pull yourself up by your own boot straps. Your own power should be able to do it. Being asymmetrical to the pull down of gravity. If you push and pull something at the same time with equal force the object doesn't move. But what if you staggered the push pull so that they didn't occur at the same time, with one force being stronger than the other end. It means you would move forward.

Many devices speak of this asymetrical difference including Tom Bearden and his reference to Lorentz straightening out the asymmetrical mathematical formulae of Maxwell which is taught to students today. Bearden claims that it is the asymmetrical aspect of the equations that allows for free energy. And they've been written out of Maxwell.

So perhaps it is the lopsidedness of something that is the key to tapping the aether. Some aspect that pokes out of the smooth field.

We received word from Veljco Milkovic to check out his site, . One item of interest, the lament that digital was taking over mechanical and we are losing our expertise in mechanical. Obviously not good in that if something mechanical works on the drawing board and computer doesn't mean things actually work until you do 'em.

Veljco has sent a copy of his book dealing with the throw away asymmetrical force that he believes can be harnessed and scaled up. We have asked him to comment on Unity which is focus, like a microscope.

Nothing new from Frolov or Puthoff except Dr Hal has moved to larger more wonderful premises and Big Al has remarried. All the best.

This inertial asymmetrical force includes the work of Sandy Kidd, a guy who with some kind of plunger action was able to thump his way around in a boat with no motor or paddle, just a device that smacked the inside front of the boat and moved it forward. A similar experiment was on wheels.

Naturally, I side with Unity as the most unique and conceivable way of achieving free energy and gravity control. But this inertial business is telling us that if we're sitting in a perfectly balanced seat on wheels and lean to the left and tap, the energy will shift the inertia left and if we're on wheels we'll move left. Is it gravity? Or is it that tiny bit of inertia generated by the tapping of your finger. Veljco suggests more.

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