Tuesday, June 14, 2005

levitation without control

What do John Hutchison, the late Thomas Townsend Brown, David Hamel, Evgeny Podkletov, John Searl and no doubt others have in common? They all claim levitation by spinning and/or zapping an object with electricity. As in the lifter tests at American Antigravity, these charged objects fly around the lab or shoot straight up into the sky. There is lift. There is thrust. But there is no control. In the past, Tesla and Keely claimed a craft that levitated under their control. And Viktor Schauberger who's research was seized and classified at the end of WWII.

With rockets, Man landed on the moon in '69. More than 35 years later, although much research on gravity control appears to be taking place today, where is the hard evidence, the fruits of all this labor? Of course, the rocket scientists are not going to give up their jobs without a fight and right now their best defense is to continue to dash against the rocks anyone's attempt to suspend our disbelief.


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