Thursday, May 05, 2005

the promise

Two days ago from this date we received plans and sketches.

Yesterday, the notes, the theory, how it works.

Today, chin in hand, other hand scratching brow, we pondered.

Tomorrow, the universe!?

But before we hoist ourselves onto our own shoulders and carry ourselves off to the cheering crowd, there is one slight problem. Nice to have the plans but now we must build it.

What price an idea? What is a thought worth that changes the course of the world? A lot, if it works. Edison had great ideas and he made money. But he was also a shrewd business man, unlike most people with great ideas. Tesla was at the other end of the scale, full of great ideas but no sense for business.

What if you have a great idea that would revolutionize the entire idea of propulsion but you had no money and and no great contacts that could help change your life? Then, your idea that might save the world is placed on the shelf of ideas which sell really cheap per idea because either the author didn't try or couldn't get his idea to work. So what do you think the entire shelf of ideas might be worth? Maybe the price of the wood of the shelves and ten cents? An idea isn't an idea unless you make it work.

The design, the materials, the construction, the testing, it's all money. But it takes a team of elegant designers, machinists and master craftsmen to help create this unpolluting replacement for the cumbustion engine and begin a world without wheels. It's such a whole new concept that it is most difficult to kickstart because you have to kick science in the ass and they get their back up. But history proves that true science will win out. Which is, we ARE the centre of the universe, for us.
That's our field.

What price an idea?
That depends. But first you have to get it off the shelf.

The plans and sketches will soon be made public along with the notes on how it works.

An invitation to all, coming up soon.


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