Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Aether Is Everywhere

One of the intersting benefits of searching for the elusive future propulsion system of gravity control is the great discovery of related technology. In quantum mechanics it all comes down to the field, the aether that is all around us. That missing 90% of the universe called dark matter is presumed to be the aether and it consists of atoms at the ready. Ready to be something, a chair, a rock, a person. Our reality. The potential of the aether is to power a craft based on gravity control.

Nikola Tesla in 1932 converted a Pierce Arrow from combustion to electric. With the car prepped to run electrically, Tesla visited a nearby hardware store and with items off the shelf, built a unit in his hotel room the night before the test that reportedly captured power from the aether and converted it to electricity. The gizmo sat next to Tesla on the passenger seat of the car. He inserted two rods into the unit and declared, "Now we have power". After running the car on this mysterious source of power for four hundred miles he said he could continue until the car wore out and fell apart. In other words, the power derived from the aether was limitless, and free. Free is nice. But not to the oil industry. That car and it's aether generator have disappeared.

Today the idea of power from the aether is stronger than ever. And it may have been accomplished numerous times in the past hundred or so years. People mistook these devices to be perpetual motion machines. They're not. The power to run them is coming from somewhere. We just don't know where, yet.


At 12:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The power comes from the underlying force of Universe.
Energy is non-resistive, which shows what we know about energy.
If we want energy we have to realize it doesn't pour out of a can.
Energy goes right through a can.

At 10:52 p.m., Blogger rkanecao said...

This Tesla idea almost seems like heresay, kinda like the Philadelphia experiment. Did Tesla leave any documentation on experimentation with extracting energy from the aether?


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