Friday, June 17, 2005

lights in the sky, abductees, contactees and other nuts

Having never actually read any of George Adamski's books I found it interesting to scan through an article that dealt with his history as well as his fame.

After Kenneth Arnold came George Adamski.

Prophet or fraud.

In retrospect after over fifty years, it still could go either way. No doubt he was carney as in PT Barnum.
His vision of visitors only extended to neighbouring Venus and Mars. And in his declining years even his faithful were losing faith and, his ufo photo was described as an inverted chicken brooder.
But after all that the guy had vision.
And at the end of the article I discovered that the author was in fact a closet believer, offering the speculation that Adamski might have been sworn to secrecy regarding where the aliens really came from.

Entertaining? Yes. True? Well....

But the guy had vision!

He spawned a whole holy cow generation that said, we are not alone.

Adamski was a promoter like Edison. The difference is, Edison had Tesla perform the hard work that ended in the success of the grid.

Adamski, despite the number of people he had for verification of his activities, was a weaver of believers.
He had a gift of the gab and could charm the....and yet.

George Adamski was pivotal in helping to create the thought of gravity control.


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