Sunday, August 14, 2005

the cost of the price of oil

Oil hits the sixty-five dollar mark. That was two days ago, now $67.10.

Doomsdayers are having a field day. They predict that the price for one barrel of oil will reach one hundred dollars. Airlines are already surcharging their customers to help offset the rise in fuel charges.

You can see where this is going with, limited travel, at the top of the list. If the price isn’t stabilized world industry will shrink causing global economic and other disasters. As if it wasn’t bad enough. But that’s what they’re saying.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring in gravity control while everyone’s looking the other way.
Zap! Hi there. I’m gonna need your office.

If only we could divert a fraction of oil revenues for the pursuit of gravity control it would give incentive to those hot on the subject and inject spirit and friendship into what is now chaotic jealousy and rivalry.

While they’re haggling the price of oil we introduce the freedom of gravity control. Antigravity for everyone.
Now no one has to worry about the price of getting around anymore. The price of cubic footage, enough for you and a friend, that’s extra.

The control of gravity works on the principle of a system within a system. It is the reaction of one system to the other that is in itself the propulsion system. There is no fuel involved. It has to do with adjustment and alignment of the inner to the outer field. To learn more on this subject, check out David Barclay’s blog site at gravity org’s site,

The problem with The Quest For Gravity Control, the movie in search of a beginning is that so far, there has been no actual beginning. It is unfortunate that no entrepreneur has ventured forth to say, I’m interested, show me.
I have funded for several years and will continue to do so.
We are at the stage of experimentation and I don’t have the resources.
We need a financial benefactor. But not just any person or group. Our benefactor will be someone who believes the theory and won’t rest until we know whether it works or not. That’s the way I feel. But I am typecast to play a lesser role and blessed with lesser funds. Nevertheless, that’s our quest, our dream of a lifetime,
a chance to witness an evolutionary change in humankind where we might aspire more to the gods.

In this whole wide world is there not one other person who is willing to help take gravity control to the next level?

Hmm, I’ve been looking at that lonely statement above and trying to figure out why it seems only people without money think of gravity control as the world’s new gasoline and rocket fuel. And it’s actually easy to figure out. The whole world has a combustion engine mentality and the mere thought of the creation of energy any other way is simply impossible. Almost nobody thinks of gravity control as a way out of this mess and those who do are dabblers for the oil companies.

What we need if we’re going to get gravity control off the ground is at least one big sympathetic company willing to legitimize gravity control.
And what we offer is a method to do so.

Gravity control is about time.
It would appear that time is of the essence.

If you feel as we do that the world needs taming and calming then please help us launch this magic bullet.

James B. Nicholson


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