Monday, August 08, 2005

Wilbert B. Smith

Here's what I know about Wilbert B. Smith.
He headed up Canada's only official ufo investigation in the fifties. He was a broadcast engineer who received awards for his innovations in science. Then something happened. He began claiming that the fabulous innovations he was credited with were really not his own but actually gifts from those out there. Perhaps mistakenly he announced his contact with aliens who gave him those techno gifts because, if he had kept that part to himself he wouldn't have alienated the government, which in the fifties, was being bombarded with ufo's. His announcement caused the cone of silence from officialdom.
The only official investigation into ufo's by any Canadian government (up to this writing) and they denounced Smith's findings then closed his agency.

I hate conspiracies. They are a negative force. It's like the first time you tell a lie. If it goes well you tell another. Then the truth becomes a secret and if you keep telling lies then secrets within secrets become a corrosion which eats away at the fabric of civilization's collective soul.

Personally, I don't know if Wilburt Smith should have been taken off the case. But it sure looks like fodder for de canon.

Wilbert B. Smith, during his career built some interesting hardware experiments.

Anyone knowing of these experiments, please post. They may be the powerplant to gravity control. Or not. There is so precious little about this guy available but there is an interesting syntax that, when Smith is quoted, he seems to use phrases that indicate it to be common knowledge to be in contact with the outsiders. In other words, maybe he wasn't crazy. He just didn't know that it was supposed to be a secret


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