Monday, November 07, 2005

wrong turn in the road of life

There are two forks in the road to utopian civilization that have been isolated where we have taken a wrong turn, twice.

The first was the dismissal of John Worrell Keely’s discoveries in the 1880’s of sympathetic vibrations in favour of the combustion engine followed by Nikola Tesla in the 1890’s and early part of the 20th century where he gave the world its first electric grid at Niagara Falls. Tesla’s discovery of a free source of energy from the aether was handily put down by Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and J. P. Morgan who were already selling electricity to the masses and would not entertain the loss of their riches in favour of a system of wireless free power.

The second fork in the road can be pinpointed to 1931 when Otto Heinrich Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of oxygen therapy. Warburg proclaimed that with simple oxygenation of the human body all or most diseases could be irradicated including cancer. His findings were simply ignored by the pharmaceutical world which went on to make billions from various wonder drugs rather than champion Warburg’s simple, cheap and effective oxygen therapy.

These two wrong turns have taken us down the road to a questionable and unsustainable future. They are the cause of wars, disease, famine and strife in a polluted world that the illuminati covet to protect their considerable holdings today.

The question now is, can we go back to those two forks in the road and make ammends that will steer humankind back on track to a future of harmony and sustainability?

Action must be taken to correct the error of our ways or the next signpost on the road of life is oblvion. The road is slick with oil, the life blood of the planet. But now we have a map to show where we went wrong.


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